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British Final 2012

Posted by Webmaster on July 31, 2012 at 2:50 AM

Scott Nicholls was the eventual winner last night's British Final at Wolverhampton. Robbo started off the evening with a win, an finished off on 7 points.

1..R Mear (Lakeside)..1,1,0,W = 2

2..E Kennett (Coventry)..3,3,3,2,2 = 13

3..A Roynon (Coventry)..2,2,0,0,3 = 7

4..R Lawson (Peterborough)..0,0,1,0,0 = 1

5..T Woffinden (Wolverhampton)..2,3,2,3,2 = 12 - 3rd

6..S Robson (Lakeside)..3,1,1,1,1 = 7

7..D King (Birmingham)..0,0,W = 0

8..S Nicholls (Coventry)..1,3,3,3,3 = 13 - 1st

9..B Barker (Birmingham)..3,2,2,3,1 = 11

10..S Stead (Swindon)..2,2,3,2,2 = 11

11..C Cook (Belle Vue)..1,3,2,1,3 = 10

12..J Haines (Wolverhampton)..0,1,0,1,0 = 2

13..J Auty (Birmingham)..T,0,2,0,2 = 4

14..R Ashworth (Birmingham)..2,0,1,3,1 = 7

15..L Lanham (Coventry)..1,1,1,2,1 = 6

16..C Harris (Coventry)..3,2,3,1,3 = 12


17..[R]..T Perry (Somerset)..0,0,2,0,0 = 2


Ht 1..Kennett, Roynon, Mear, Lawson [F/Ex]

Ht 2..Robson, Woffinden, Nicholls, King [F/Ex]

Ht 3..Barker, Stead, Cook, Haines

Ht 4..Harris, Ashworth, Lanham, Perry [Auty Ex/T]

Ht 5..Woffinden, Barker, Mear, Auty [F/Ex]

Ht 6..Kennett, Stead, Robson, Ashworth

Ht 7..Cook, Roynon, Lanham, King [Ret]

Ht 8..Nicholls, Harris, Haines, Lawson [Ret]

Ht 9..Harris, Cook, Robson, Mear [Ret]

Ht 10..Kennett, Woffinden, Lanham, Haines

Ht 11..Nicholls, Barker, Ashworth, Roynon [Ret]

Ht 12..Stead, Auty, Lawson, Perry [Ret]

Ht 13..Ashworth, Perry, Haines

Ht 14..Nicholls, Kennett, Cook, Auty

Ht 15..Woffinden, Stead, Harris, Roynon [Ret]

Ht 16..Barker, Lanham, Robson, Lawson

Ht 17..Nicholls, Stead, Lanham, Perry [F/Ex]

Ht 18..Harris, Kennett, Barker, Perry

Ht 19..Roynon, Auty, Robson, Haines

Ht 20..Cook, Woffinden, Ashworth, Lawson


Ht 21..Woffinden, Harris, Stead, Barker


Ht 22..Nicholls, Harris, Woffinden, Kennett [F/Ex]


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