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Double Champs!

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Newcastle picked up their second trophy of the season last night, claiming the Tyne Tees Trophy with a victory over Redcar. Robbo scored 27 points over the two nights.

KOC Champions!

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Robbo was celebrating last night after top scoring for the Diamonds in the KOC victory over Ipswich. Newcastle went into the meeting with a 6 point lead, and carried on their blisterning form in the home leg, with Robbo scoring a paid maximum. What a fantastic way to finish the season!

Photos can be found at:

PLRC - Sheffield

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1..L Lanham (Ipswich)..2,3,1,2,3 = 11

2..A Mellgren (Rye House)..3,1,1,3,1 = 9 - 2nd

3..N Morris (Scunthorpe)..0, 0, 3, 3, 2 = 8

4..J Doyle (Somerset)..1,2,3,2,3 = 11 - 3rd

5..S Robson (Newcastle)..3,1,3,0,0 = 7

6..S Alden (Berwick)..0,0,3,3,1 = 7

7..R Hall (Sheffield)..2,3,0,0,2 = 7

8..T Pijper (Edinburgh)..1,0,1,0,1 = 3

9..R Fisher (Plymouth)..1,0,2,1,0 = 4

10..C Cook (Edinburgh)..3,3,2,2,2 = 12 - 1st

11..U Ostergaard (Redcar)..0,2,0,1,1 = 4

12..J Auty (Scunthorpe)..2,1,2,3,3 = 11

13..K Nieminen (Leicester)..1,2,1,2,0 = 6

14..R Lawson (Workington)..3,2,0,1,2 = 8

15..J Grieves (Glasgow)..0,1,0,0,0 = 1

16..R Bach (Workington)..2,3,2,1,3 = 11


Ht 1..Mellgren, Lanham, Doyle, Morris

Ht 2..Robson, Hall, Pijper, Alden

Ht 3..Cook, Auty, Fisher, Ostergaard [Ret]

Ht 4..Lawson, Bach, Nieminen, Grieves

Ht 5..Lanham, Nieminen, Robson, Fisher

Ht 6..Cook, Lawson, Mellgren, Alden

Ht 7..Hall, Ostergaard, Grieves, Morris

Ht 8..Bach, Doyle, Auty, Pijper

Ht 9..Alden, Bach, Lanham, Ostergaard

Ht 10..Robson, Auty, Mellgren, Grieves

Ht 11..Morris, Fisher, Pijper, Lawson

Ht 12..Doyle, Cook, Nieminen, Hall

Ht 13..Auty, Lanham, Lawson, Hall [Ret]

Ht 14..Mellgren, Nieminen, Ostergaard, Pijper

Ht 15..Morris, Cook, Bach, Robson

Ht 16..Alden, Doyle, Fisher, Grieves

Ht 17..Lanham, Cook, Pijper, Grieves

Ht 18..Bach, Hall, Mellgren, Fisher

Ht 19..Auty, Morris, Alden, Nieminen

Ht 20..Doyle, Lawson, Ostergaard, Robson [Ret]


Ht 21..Mellgren, Doyle, Lanham, Auty [F/Ex]


Ht 22..Cook, Mellgren, Doyle, Bach [F/Ex]




1..Ht 21 and it's Lanham, Doyle, Mellgren and Auty in the semi-final.

2..Ht 21 and Auty takes a tumble and is excluded.

3..Ht 22 and it's Mellgren, Cook, Doyle and Bach in the final.

4..Ht 22 and Bach takes a tumble and is excluded.

5..Ht 22 and Cook is the Premier League Riders' Champion.

British Final 2012

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Scott Nicholls was the eventual winner last night's British Final at Wolverhampton. Robbo started off the evening with a win, an finished off on 7 points.

1..R Mear (Lakeside)..1,1,0,W = 2

2..E Kennett (Coventry)..3,3,3,2,2 = 13

3..A Roynon (Coventry)..2,2,0,0,3 = 7

4..R Lawson (Peterborough)..0,0,1,0,0 = 1

5..T Woffinden (Wolverhampton)..2,3,2,3,2 = 12 - 3rd

6..S Robson (Lakeside)..3,1,1,1,1 = 7

7..D King (Birmingham)..0,0,W = 0

8..S Nicholls (Coventry)..1,3,3,3,3 = 13 - 1st

9..B Barker (Birmingham)..3,2,2,3,1 = 11

10..S Stead (Swindon)..2,2,3,2,2 = 11

11..C Cook (Belle Vue)..1,3,2,1,3 = 10

12..J Haines (Wolverhampton)..0,1,0,1,0 = 2

13..J Auty (Birmingham)..T,0,2,0,2 = 4

14..R Ashworth (Birmingham)..2,0,1,3,1 = 7

15..L Lanham (Coventry)..1,1,1,2,1 = 6

16..C Harris (Coventry)..3,2,3,1,3 = 12


17..[R]..T Perry (Somerset)..0,0,2,0,0 = 2


Ht 1..Kennett, Roynon, Mear, Lawson [F/Ex]

Ht 2..Robson, Woffinden, Nicholls, King [F/Ex]

Ht 3..Barker, Stead, Cook, Haines

Ht 4..Harris, Ashworth, Lanham, Perry [Auty Ex/T]

Ht 5..Woffinden, Barker, Mear, Auty [F/Ex]

Ht 6..Kennett, Stead, Robson, Ashworth

Ht 7..Cook, Roynon, Lanham, King [Ret]

Ht 8..Nicholls, Harris, Haines, Lawson [Ret]

Ht 9..Harris, Cook, Robson, Mear [Ret]

Ht 10..Kennett, Woffinden, Lanham, Haines

Ht 11..Nicholls, Barker, Ashworth, Roynon [Ret]

Ht 12..Stead, Auty, Lawson, Perry [Ret]

Ht 13..Ashworth, Perry, Haines

Ht 14..Nicholls, Kennett, Cook, Auty

Ht 15..Woffinden, Stead, Harris, Roynon [Ret]

Ht 16..Barker, Lanham, Robson, Lawson

Ht 17..Nicholls, Stead, Lanham, Perry [F/Ex]

Ht 18..Harris, Kennett, Barker, Perry

Ht 19..Roynon, Auty, Robson, Haines

Ht 20..Cook, Woffinden, Ashworth, Lawson


Ht 21..Woffinden, Harris, Stead, Barker


Ht 22..Nicholls, Harris, Woffinden, Kennett [F/Ex]



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Robbo was called upon as a reserve in last night's Brandonopolis meeting at Coventry, when Jason Bunyan had a fall in his first outing and retired from the meeting. He scored a very respectable 6 points from 5 rides (3,1,3,T,0).

Looking to 2012

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A little over 11 weeks before the 2012 season commences and Robbo can confirm that he will be returning to action with both his former teams, the Lakeside Hammers and Newcastle Diamonds.

He says: "So far this winter I have been doing quite a bit to keep fit. Before Christmas I was out on the motorcross bike a lot, both practicing and doing endurance races, I have also been out on my pedal bike 2-4 times a week, doing anything from 1-3 hour rides, both on and off road. I have been using the gym a bit too, but not as much as I would like to.

"In December I went to France with a few friends snow boarding for a week, which is really good training as it is high altitude, and I'm going again in February too. I'm planning on continuing to do what I have been doing as much as I can throughout this year too, as the motorcross is very good training for speedway. So at the moment I'm feeling pretty fit ready for the start of the season.

"I'm pleased to be back with both Newcastle and Lakeside again for 2012, as I had such a good season in 2011 with both clubs. I just hope I can continue again this season and improve and be consistent all year and stay clear of injury!"

You can follow Stuart at

British Final at Wolverhampton

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1..T Woffinden (Wolverhampton)..3,3,3,3,3 = 15 - 3rd

2..L Bridger (Eastbourne)..2,1,0,2,3 = 8

3..D King (Birmingham)..1,1,1,0,2 = 5

4..D Howe (Scunthorpe)..0,W = 0

5..S Nicholls (Coventry)..3,2,3,3,2 = 13 - 1st

6..O Allen (King's Lynn)..1,0,2,2,1 = 6

7..J Frampton (Belle Vue)..0,0,0,2,2 = 4

8..S Robson (Lakeside)..2,2,2,1,0 = 7

9..R Hall (Leicester)..1,0,0,1,0 = 2

10..E Kennett (Coventry)..3,2,3,2,2 = 12

11..B Barker (Birmingham)..2,2,1,3,1 = 9

12..J Hart (Ipswich)..0,1,1,0,0 = 2

13..L Lanham (Newport)..1,1,2,0,3 = 7

14..C Harris (Belle Vue)..3,3,3,1,3 = 13 - 2nd

15..L Richardson (Lakeside)..2,3,2,3,1 = 11

16..R Ashworth (Sheffield)..0,2,0,1,1 = 4

17..[R]..A Morris (Dudley)..0,0 = 0

18..[R]..T Perry (Dudley)..1,0 = 1


Ht 1..Woffinden, Bridger, King, Howe [Ret]

Ht 2..Nicholls, Robson, Allen, Frampton

Ht 3..Kennett, Barker, Hall, Hart

Ht 4..Harris, Richardson, Lanham, Ashworth

Ht 5..Woffinden, Nicholls, Lanham, Hall [F/Ex]

Ht 6..Harris, Kennett, Bridger, Allen

Ht 7..Richardson, Barker, King, Frampton

Ht 8..Robson, Ashworth, Hart, Morris

Ht 9..Woffinden, Allen, Barker, Ashworth [F/Ex]

Ht 10..Nicholls, Richardson, Hart, Bridger [F/Ret]

Ht 11..Harris, Robson, King, Hall

Ht 12..Kennett, Lanham, Perry, Frampton [F/Ret]

Ht 13..Woffinden, Frampton, Harris, Hart

Ht 14..Barker, Bridger, Robson, Lanham

Ht 15..Nicholls, Kennett, Ashworth, King

Ht 16..Richardson, Allen, Hall, Morris

Ht 17..Woffinden, Kennett, Richardson, Robson

Ht 18..Bridger, Frampton, Ashworth, Hall

Ht 19..Lanham, King, Allen, Hart [F/Ret]

Ht 20..Harris, Nicholls, Barker, Perry

Ht 21..Kennett, Nicholls, Barker, Richardson

Ht 22..Nicholls, Harris, Woffinden, Kennett [F/Ex]

Versus Rye House

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Another tense last heat decider for the Diamonds, who came from 3 points down to win their Premier League meeting tonight at Hoddesdon. Robbo finally got the better of Jason Doyle when the Rockets' number one took a tumble trying to overtake, and he and team-mate Mark Lemon secured a 5-1 to take 3 league points from the meting.

Versus Redcar

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Another close meeting tonight, and another top score from Robbo as the Diamonds beat the Bears by a single point, 45-44.

Robbo top scorer against Edinburgh!

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A fantastic effort from Robbo as he won a last heat decider in the first leg of the Premier Shield at the Scotwaste Arena to take Newcastle to an away win last night!