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First night back...

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NEWCASTLE star Stuart Robson escaped serious injury in a last-race crash in the Diamonds’ opening-night victory at Berwick.

Robson was in pain from his foot after clashing with Bandits’ Kozza Smith during Heat 15 of Newcastle’s 50-43 victory, which also featured a five-ride maximum from Mark Lemon.

Diamonds boss George English said: “It really was frightening to watch and thankfully Stu seems to have survived with very light injuries, indeed he should be riding in the second leg tonight – although he blew one motor early on and had his second one severely bashed about in Heat 15, so we’re not sure what he’ll be riding just yet.

“All my team deserved credit for the success and I was particularly pleased with the manner our new reserve lads went about their job.

From the BSPA.

British Final at Wolverhampton

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1..Andrew Tully (Edinburgh)..1,T,0,1,1 = 3

2..Chris Harris (Coventry)..3,3,3,0,3 = 12 - 1st

3..Oliver Allen (Ipswich)..0,1,2,2,2 = 7

4..Scott Nicholls (Ipswich)..2,3,3,3,3 = 14 - 2nd

5..James Wright (Belle Vue)..2,1,1,1,2 = 7

6..Jason King (Newcastle)..1,2,3,0,0 = 6

7..Paul Clews (Berwick)..0,0,1,2,0 = 3

8..Edward Kennett (Coventry)..3,1,3,1,3 = 11

9..Simon Stead (Swindon)..2,2,0,1,2 = 7

10..Lewis Bridger (Coventry)..1,1,2,3,0 = 7

11..Daniel King (Ipswich)..3,3,2,2,1 = 11

12..Jordan Frampton (Rye House)..0,0,0,3,1 = 4

13..Ben Barker (Coventry)..3,3,0,3,3 = 12 - 3rd

14..Chris Schramm (Workington)..0,0,1,0,0 = 1

15..Stuart Robson (Lakeside)..1,2,2,2,2 = 9

16..Leigh Lanham (Newport)..2,2,1,0,1 = 6


17..[R]..Richard Hall (Sheffield)..0


Ht 1..Harris, Nicholls, Tully, Allen [F/Ret]

Ht 2..Kennett, Wright, J King, Clews

Ht 3..D King, Stead, Bridger, Frampton

Ht 4..Barker, Lanham, Robson [F/Rem], Schramm [Ret]

Ht 5..Barker, Stead, Wright, Hall [Tully Ex/T]

Ht 6..Harris, J King, Bridger, Schramm [F/Ex]

Ht 7..D King, Robson, Allen, Clews

Ht 8..Nicholls, Lanham, Kennett, Frampton [Ex]

Ht 9..J King, D King, Lanham, Tully [F/Ret]

Ht 10..Harris, Robson, Wright, Frampton

Ht 11..Kennett, Allen, Schramm, Stead [F/Ret]

Ht 12..Nicholls, Bridger, Clews, Barker

Ht 13..Frampton, Clews, Tully, Schramm

Ht 14..Barker, D King, Kennett, Harris [F/Ex]

Ht 15..Bridger, Allen, Wright, Lanham

Ht 16..Nicholls, Robson, Stead, J King

Ht 17..Kennett, Robson, Tully, Bridger [F/Ex]

Ht 18..Harris, Stead, Lanham, Clews

Ht 19..Barker, Allen, Frampton, J King

Ht 20..Nicholls, Wright, D King, Schramm


Semi..Harris, D King, Kennett, Robson


Final..Harris, Nicholls, Barker, D King

Lakeside v Eastbourne (EL)

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Meeting abandoned after heat 2 due to rain.

Lakeside v Ipswich

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Tonight's challenge meeting has been cancelled due to the weather.

Fixtures released!

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Lakeside's fixtures are now on the calendar. Individual meetings and any other appearances will appear as and when they're known.

Robbo on YouTube

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Robbo now has his own channel on YouTube, with sincere thanks to Ian Smalley.


We hope to update it during the season with all the new action from the track. Please keep checking back for updates!

Robbo writes...

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my new website.


I'll start by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me throughout my career, especially those who continued to support and sponsor me in 2009 after nearly 3 seasons off. I'm also looking for some new sponsors to come on board. Anyone interested in becoming a potential sponsor please take a look at the sponsor's page.


Everything is in order now for my return to the Lakeside Hammers in 2010, and I can't wait. I've just got to get organised my end with new equipment, and servicing what I have from 2009.


Overall 2009 was relatively successful for me on the track, so I have set myself higher targets for 2010, which hopefully I will achieve and exceed. Also it would be really good if, as a team, we could eclipse what we accomplished in 2009, by winning the league, as well as retaining the cup; I'm sure that will be everyone's target.






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Welcome to the new website. It's still in the early stages of production, but over the coming months we'll be adding content, including news, fixtures, results and plenty more. We hope you enjoy your visit and keep coming back to see what's new.